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NMN shows promise in improving various aspects of physical function in human trials

  1. Safety Confirmation: Human trials have confirmed the safety of NMN supplementation, with no reported adverse physiological effects observed in participants.

  2. Beneficial Effects: NMN has demonstrated positive effects in enhancing insulin sensitivity and increasing physical capacity in aging adults during human trials.

  3. Uncertain Organ Benefits: While rodent studies have shown NMN's benefits on various organ systems, it remains uncertain whether these benefits translate to humans, and more research is needed in this area.

  4. Market Growth: The global NMN market has been growing, with a significant number of people opting for NMN supplementation.

  5. Safety Studies: Multiple human trials have been conducted to assess NMN's safety, with high doses (up to 1,000 mg) administered without adverse effects.

  6. Physical Performance: NMN has been found to improve physical performance in aged individuals, including muscle motility, aerobic capacity, and walking endurance.

  7. Metabolic Benefits: NMN has shown potential metabolic benefits, particularly in individuals with prediabetes, by improving muscle insulin sensitivity and insulin signaling.

  8. Hearing Restoration: NMN supplementation has been associated with improved hearing capabilities in older individuals.

  9. Telomere Lengthening: NMN supplementation has nearly doubled telomere lengths in blood cells, suggesting potential anti-aging effects at the molecular level.

  10. Human vs. Rodent Studies: While rodent studies have shown a wide range of benefits from NMN supplementation, it is unclear if these benefits are replicated in humans, necessitating further research.

  11. Research Challenges: Challenges in NMN research include the need for longer-duration studies to assess maximum effects and long-term safety.

  12. FDA Scrutiny: The FDA has excluded the sale of NMN as a dietary supplement, but the molecule's safety and potential anti-aging benefits have led to ongoing research and questions about its regulation.

In summary, NMN has shown promise in improving various aspects of physical function and metabolism in human trials, but questions remain about its effects on aging-related organ deterioration in humans compared to rodents. Safety and potential benefits suggest continued research in the field of NMN supplementation as an anti-aging intervention.

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